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My goals this year are as follow: First, giving bible studies at home to non-Adventist while visiting. Second, WE HAVE AN AFRICAN GOTHERING ON JUNE 23rd AT THE CHURCH. THIRD From Sunday JULY 8th to Saturday JULY 28, 2018 we will have a DANIEL SEMINAR.   from 6-8:00PM preaching by Pastor: Celeve Izean.  Finally, from Sunday December 23 – Monday December 31st 2018 we will have a revival.



Pastor Celeve Izean

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Horeb Haitian SDA Church

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That Monday night I had a dream that I was talking to a girl that I would like to be my girlfriend, but it was in Haiti. She didn't tell me anything but she took me before her father so that I can ask her father for her to be my girlfriend. But as she took me before her father in the kitchen, she continues to her room and left me with him. This is when he asks me this question "Can you tell me about yourself? As soon as he said that, I see pastor Hillis Jeffries, stand before me coming out of nowhere he took a folder that I have in my hand with all my Resume, Certificates, Diplomas, awards and transcripts in it and he start pulling them all out one by one. One of the Degree transcript and GPA that he finds in the folder chock him so bad he went outside the door on the University Campus where the father lived and said "ATTENTION, ATTENTION as soon as he said that everyone come out to hear that announcement and he continue to said: I HAVE A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE, THIS BROTHER IS THE ONE WE ALL BEING URGER TO KNOW ABOUT" Because he is the one who has the biggest GPA in the University since it was started, since then no one ever get that high GPA. As soon Pastor Jeffries said that, the girl father grabs me by the hand and said to me "YOU ARE MY NOW! BECAUSE I SEE THAT YOU ARE QUALIFYING TO BE WITH MY DAUGTHER". But I am a married man; I don't understand what the dream is all about until I knee down next to my bed and start praying after the dream.


When I (pastor: Celeve Izean) wake up in that dream I was so confused, all I can think of is knee down next to my bed and pray. As I am praying GOD starting revealing the dream to me in a question forms like this "What does women means in the bible? And I answer CHURCH, 2ND Question, who does the father mean in the bible? And I answer GOD, 3rd Question, who does Pastor Jeffries represent here? And I answer a MEDIATOR, 4TH Question, who is your mediator? And I answer JESUS IS MY MEDIATOR.

At the time I was leading a Haitian prayer group at Sister Benita house in Louisville, Kentucky in one of the South Central Conference of the Seventh - day Adventist territories. So I received a call from GOD to found and be the first pastor of the very first Haitian Seven Day Adventist Church in the South Central Conference. Therefore, by the grace of GOD and by the help of Pastor: Fred Moore in New Life I established: HOREB 1ST HAITIAN SEVEN DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH with only 4 active members Me (Celeve Izean), my wife Celicia Izean, my daughter Celene C. Izean and my other daughter Carmene R. Izean. The church is now located in 4623 southern pkwy Louisville, KY 40214 (502) 295-5149. Therefore the church starts October 31, 2009. The guest speaker for that Sabbath was Pastor Martin Thelumas.




 OCTOBER 31st, 2009 - OCTOBER 31st, 2022





Horeb Haitian

Seventh-Day Adventist All Nation Church

4610 MANSLICK RD, Louisville, KY 40216

Pastor: Celeve Izean

(502) 936-3231



If you wonder how I did it, this is how!

So he said to me, “This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel: ‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty. Zechariah 4:6 (NIV)

I hope someone out there is listening to me right now. Before I leave my house to go out every day for my visitation and bible study, I always make that prayer “good father, I’m leaving my house to do visitation please lead me where you need me to go today, go before me and I’ll follow thee in Jesus name I pray. Amen!”

My challenges are different from all other pastors, for the fact that I’m pastoring a multicultural church that is speaking eight different languages and five different nationalities. The languages that we spoke in Horeb Church are English, French, Creole, Kinyarwanda, Karen, Burmese, Spanish and Swahili. Among them all I only speak three languages English, Creole and French. Percentage Wyse: Africans 70%, Haitian 20%, Burmese 7%, Karens 3%, Spanish 1%.

How do I get all these nationalities to worship in one place? That’s a good question! Remember how I started this article? “Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty”. I would never in a million years come up with that strategy. But since I’m doing it to tell you the truth, I don’t even have a way to explain it. What I can tell you is that I have so many challenges in this church, I can’t even count them. Let me start by telling you some of my challenges:



 First, five days a week I leave my house to offer and do bible study. When I meet someone who does not speak one of my three languages, I look for translator either physically or over the phone. Most of the time it is an over the phone bible study because those who speaks that particular languages are not available to go out with me during the week.

Second, every Sabbath in my church I preach in English and the first elder who is an African translate in Kinyarwanda, and I have to read what I red in English in French too then translate it in Creole for those Haitians who doesn’t understand French and English. What about the other languages? They have translation among them within the pews. Therefore; when I wanted to speak on a subject for about thirty minutes or so on one language, it would takes me two hours to preach a sermon for these four languages. Therefore; my sermon is always between 15-20 minutes in one language every Sabbath when I speak. Because of that, when I preach a sermon there is always a part I, part II, part III and sometimes part IV. Who got these challenges in their church in South Central Conference or other conferences beside me? I don’t know! But yet, I was only a part time pastor at the time and I just become a full-time in January 2019.

 Third, when I am visiting a member who doesn’t speaking one of my three languages that I understand, that’s trouble me. If there is no one there who understand English, all we do is smiling with each other and after a couples of minutes I pray with them and I leave. Sometimes I want to help them solved a problem but I have to wait until there is a translator. Some of them want to talk to me alone about some things but because someone else have to translate for them they end up not telling me about the issue.

Fourth, culturally speaking, each nationality has their own pet peeves about some of the way we each worship. The Lord help me to manage that in a way that surprise everybody. The way I manage that is: we all learn how to get alone with each other no matter how different we may be, by accepting and respecting each other’s cultures. For instance, when an African is praying the one that is praying is always kneel down and the rest are stand up or seating down. Because of that cultural among the Africans, we the other cultures are compromised.

Fifth, since 70% of the church are Africans, we decided to worship in two groups. Therefore; I rotate my Sabbath between them. Every two Sabbath I preach in the Africans group and the next Sabbath I preach in the other Vis a versa just to minimize on translation and also give each other place to grow and interact in their own Languages.

Sixth, materials is another big challenge. To get materials in each of these languages is a problem, because their bible are hard to find and their Sabbath school is almost impossible also their hymnal.

Seventh, most of my members don’t speak English. Therefore; most of them are not working and because of that, the church does not have money to do what’s need to be done and have program and materials that is need to forefeel our missions. Therefore; we appeal to you all for help in this website. www.horebhaitiansdachurch.org. Some of our needs are a church that we can call our own, money to buy these materials that I mention earlier and now by training leaders, I have sufficient men leaders to send to other groups who need help.

Eigth, Transportation, transportation challenges is one of the immense problem that we have in other groups. This is one area that’s need an immediate attention beside a place to worship. My wife and I used to do two or three trips to pick up people every Sabbath and drop them back home. Now everyone in Horeb and Moriya have transportation. My collages, when your church is over, you get in your car and you go back home right? But, for my wife and I, we just get back to work again by driving people back home sometime we finish 3:30pm. Therefore; please! We need your help because we cannot afford to buy a van for each group.

I’m a church planter in the South Central Conference.

Knowing that when the Lord has called me 9 years ago to start this church, it was only four of us: I pastor Celeve Izean, my wife Celicia Izean, and my two daughters Celene and Carmene Izean. But now praise the Lord I have two churches. Horeb Haitian S.D.A 60 members and Moriya Kinyarwanda S.D.A church 246 members NOW. Amen!

I have three seminars every year. Our seminars are funded in our own pocket every year. This is why the church doesn’t have money, because we use the little we have to bring others in. I don’t wait on the conference to provide money to me in other to do any seminars or evangelistic meetings. If I would wait, I would not have all those members that I have today by the grace of God. Those members are mostly coming from my every day bible study when I went out to study bible one on one with individuals. This is what I do.  When I have evangelistic meetings, I inviting them and they get baptized. Even when I don’t have evangelistic meeting, I have baptism because I am on the street every day offer and doing bible studies.

Finally, Saturday October 31, 2018 we were celebrated Horeb Church 9 year’s anniversary. To God be the glory for things he has done.


Pastor Celeve Izean


Pastor Celeve Izean & his Wife Celicia Izean on the left, Carmene Izean and Celene Izean they daughters are the 3rd and 4th person, their son’s Jean F. Izean with his wife Darnetta are on the right with their four daughters and the fifth one was on the way and he was born October 27, 2015.


Horeb S.D.A all Nation Church Louisville Kentucky (Pastor Celeve Izean)


Pastor Celeve Izean & his Wife Celicia Izean

Pastor Celeve Izean & his Wife Celicia Izean


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